Stepping Stones: Are You Going To Heaven?

Stepping Stones: Are You Going To Heaven?
April 2, 2009 Lighthouse Network

Transformational Tip
A good friend just died a few days ago. She knew she was going to heaven because of what the Bible promises. Can you say for certain that when you die you will go to Heaven? A lot of people have the misconception that being “good” and believing there is a God is enough. Being good? Who is without sin? The Bible says no one. Believing that God exists will not get you to Heaven either. Even Satan is certain there is a God. You must be born again. There is a certain man in the Bible (Nicodemus) who loves the Lord and is confused by God’s Words so he asks “How can I be born again when I am already born of my mother?” The answer is you must be born in Spirit also. Jesus is the only bridge that will get us to The Father. You must admit you are a sinner. The bible says even a bad thought is sin. You must ask forgiveness and have a personal relationship with the Lord. You can’t earn it, you can’t buy it and you will never be good enough to get to Heaven on your own. So it is up to each of us to choose. Heaven or hell? (For more, see the Spiritual Basics link below then click “Salvation” at the top of the next page.)

Heavenly Father, my prayer is for my family, my friends, people I have yet to meet and even my enemy’s to all go to Heaven one day. I feel a quickening in my heart to pray salvation for everyone. As Your Word says, You are not a respecter of persons. I want and pray that whoever is reading this knows God is especially fond of you. I know in my heart it is true. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross so that we may have the choice of Heaven or hell. God bless You Lord. In Jesus’ Name. Amen…

The Truth
The son of man came to find lost people and save them.
Luke 19: 10
For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3: 16

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