Stepping Stones: The “I Deserve….” Trap

Stepping Stones: The “I Deserve….” Trap
December 21, 2009 Lighthouse Network

Transformational Tip
There are so many manifestations of our sinful nature. One that I have noticed in others (and in myself) lately is this false notion of “I deserve…..” I deserve the best deal, I deserve more credit, I deserve the lion’s share…I deserved the finest of everything. We are even encouraged by others. How many times has someone said to you “go ahead…you deserve it”? From the early days of childhood we see the impulses to focus on ourselves. The “My kingdom come, my will be done” mentality.

The I-deserve-it trap has many pitfalls. One such pitfall is it’s damaging effect on relationships and marriage; who works the hardest? who spends more? who’s not doing enough to serve the other? And all of a sudden anger begins to fester because we are not getting what we deserve. We often feel the person on the other side of the relationship is standing in the way of what I deserve…they become the enemy, or, at the very least, aren’t my teammate.

Today, notice when you aren’t feeling content…feel hurt, frustrated, angry, sad, or anxious. Most likely it’s because you got caught in the “I deserve…” trap. Put your finger on what you feel you deserve…then replace it with acknowledging the grace from God that you are even able to be alive and read this devotional. What makes you deserving of that, let alone anything more. Be aware that as soon as we begin to think we are entitled to more we are entering the land of selfishness… and this is a very slippery slope. Click here to share with the Stepping Stones community your thoughts what you truly deserve in this life.

Dear Father God,
I need Your Holy Spirit at work in me daily to overcome my self-centered nature. My Savior Jesus didn’t deserve to be nailed to the cross, but out of love for You and me He allowed himself to be crucified. I pray, Father, that by Your grace, I am empowered to serve instead of “deserve.” I pray in the name of the one You sent to forgive me, save me, heal me – Jesus Christ; and all God’s children said – AMEN!

The Truth
For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish.
Galatians 5:17
Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me.
Psalm 51:5

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