Stepping Stones: Road Closed! How Do You React?

Stepping Stones: Road Closed! How Do You React?
August 9, 2010 Lighthouse Network

Transformational Thought

This morning, I was driving into Philly for a meeting. I usually don’t go into Philly, but when I do I try to avoid rush hour. An exciting meeting with Cardone, a Christian owned company, convertible top down, voicemail cleared, morning devotions were good, then boom. Road closed!

For someone like me…organized, engineer, planner, methodical…that’s a sign that used to create some immediate stress for me. I needed my agenda, my plan to happen, because who could ever be as smart, organized, prepared as me. Who read situations, apply past experiences and predict and know the future better than me.

Finding a new route was irritating, and making sure I was going to be on time was now a mild concern, but the real issue for me was…I want to be in control of all things and I want events to go my way.

God knows the route ahead of you, and yes, those detours in your day are from God. When He says “Road Closed!” He has a better route to your destination to the “Mind of Christ. You might not think you know, but you really don’t know all the details of your life, the future, and what the rest of the world will do over the next 5 minutes, let alone the next 30 years.

Today, when God closes the road ahead of you, sending you on what you think is a detour; quickly accept this is actually your real path. Examine why you don’t want to accept His path and are still demanding that yours is better. Enjoy and be thankful that He put you on even a better path than the one you were already excited about. This is one of the big decisions in your life each day…do I trust and give thanks for the new path God directs me to or do I get angry and whine that I didn’t get the path I planned or anticipated and prepared for?

Dear God, my Father, Today I persevere along the path that You have prepared for me, depending on Your strength to sustain me for I am too weak to proceed on my own. The storms in my life are making me weak. I am learning to not fear my weakness, for I am beginning to understand that my weakness is the stage on which Your Power and Glory perform most brilliantly. As I walk this path I wait with anticipation and faith for Your miracles to unfold before me. I know that all miracles cannot be seen by the eye, but those who live by faith can see them clearly. Help me, Lord, live by faith and not by sight, help me to see You in all Your Glory. I pray in the name of the One who accepted the most dreadful path for me, Jesus Christ; and all God’s children say – AMEN!

The Truth
I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory.
Psalm 63:2

We live by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7

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