Stepping Stones: Wisdom, not Weakness

Stepping Stones: Wisdom, not Weakness
January 2, 2011 Lighthouse Network

Transformational Thought

The parties are over. The buzz of the holidays is behind us. For many this is when reality sets back in. The issues and problems that we swept under the rug for the season (maybe many seasons) start gnawing at us once again. So, this is the time for wisdom, not for weakness.

Even though we struggle with insecurity and feeling incompetent in many areas of life, accepting the fact that we cannot do it ourselves does not come easily to most of us. Today’s culture lifts up personal independence as such a desirable virtue that we have developed a bloated “I can do it myself” mentality. We think asking for help is a sign of weakness…even if the one we are asking is God!

“I can deal with this situation myself … I don’t need anyone’s help. I don’t have to visit those porno websites … I can stop whenever I want to. I can stop eating those doughnuts and lose weight anytime I choose. I don’t need any help with my son … he will straighten up. I don’t want your charity … I am getting along just fine. I can control my temper myself … I don’t need a therapist for that.”

Sound familiar?

It is OK to turn for help. In fact, according to the Bible, if we are wise we will recognize our need for God’s help. And sometimes He sends that help through other people.

Are you dealing with a challenge, a problem that is causing you frustration and stress? Stop and ask for God’s help several times today. Then wait with bold expectation. Sometimes the answer comes that day, but often it takes several days for God to reveal His answer and will. Be patient. Asking for His help is a sign of wisdom…not weakness. Your decision, choose well.

Father, I have always wanted to feel that I could handle whatever life brings me, on my own. I recognize now what a mistake that has been and ask for your help in this situation. Please help me grow courage to seek You out more often, patience to wait for Your answer to be made known to me, and an ear to hear your answer when You send it. I pray in the name of the one who sees my weakness and who is my strength, Jesus Christ; and all God’s children said – AMEN!

The Truth
Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.
Proverbs 26:12

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