Benefits of a Medical Model Faith-Based Treatment Program

Benefits of a Medical Model Faith-Based Treatment Program
April 15, 2015 Lighthouse Network

Christian Drug Rehabs2 If you are looking for the right treatment program for a drug or alcohol addiction, you probably have many questions. What are the benefits of one program over another? What can you expect from treatment? Which program will be right for you? It is important to find the program that will offer healing for the mind, body, and spirit. We recommend a treatment program that combines both a faith-based recovery program and a medical component, for the best results.

We as human beings are designed by our Creator with three spheres: Spirit, Mind, and Body, and for full healing, all three need to be addressed. Having them addressed by the same team will help you better understand how our Creator designed these three spheres to work, and your recovery will be less of a mystery.

Medical Care during Rehab is Important

Medical components aren’t the most important elements of treatment, but they are the foundation and essential first steps for the more important spiritual and psychological components of healing to occur. Without a healed, healthy, and well-firing physical brain, it is hard for the addict to take in, process, and utilize all the spiritual and psychological teaching and coaching any rehab will deliver.

Another reason a medical component is important is to help the patient through detoxification, which can be uncomfortable and sometimes physically dangerous. Not providing those acute medical detox services often gives the addict the excuse to go back to using because they can’t tolerate the withdrawal and detox process.

A Medical Component is Important for Physical Healing 

A drug or alcohol treatment program that offers medical care as well as therapy will help the person heal more completely. Often times a person’s body has been neglected during active addiction spirals, so having a medical doctor give a physical exam and check various blood chemistries helps heal any damage to the body, but especially the brain.

Nutrition is so important for the brain to function well, something medical staff will understand well. Most facilities with a strong medical component will better comprehend and meet the significant nutritional deficits an addict has when they were feasting on the drug and not taking in the right nutrients for sharp brain and body functioning.

Medical Treatment Offers More Options during Recovery 

An addiction always comes from an inner core issue the addict is trying to self-medicate with destructive and toxic chemicals. Often times that inner core issue is a diagnosable psychiatric condition which is best healed with some specific talk therapy, spiritual integration of Biblical principles, and psychiatric medications. The facility with the medical component will better understand how to integrate the medical with the spiritual and have those services provided by their team members.

A medical facility will also have the trained and licensed therapists to teach the psychological tools to uncover some of the core issues driving the addiction behaviors.  These licensed therapists can help teach skills that are Bible-based and Christ-centered, which will allow the person to be successful in the daily battles of addiction and life.

Longer Term Care Can Focus on Growing Faith-Based Skills

Going to a medical model faith-based program is often the best first step to get the medical components under control so the brain can start to work. With a clearer brain, the individual can benefit from the program’s psychological components which use Biblical principles to get at the core issues. If the addict needs additional time to learn more about the Bible and how to apply it, or if they need a safe and supervised place to practice and grow in their psycho-spiritual skills, the longer term non-medical faith-based program would be a great second step. Time away from the addiction and time to unlearn old habits while learning and practicing new skills is so important once the medical components are addressed.

Individuals that are looking for complete healing should find a program that combines faith-based rehab with medical treatment done under the supervision of licensed therapists. By incorporating the very important medical component for physical healing, the individual will be more receptive and able to benefit from more psychological and spiritual depth in their treatment.

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