The Difference between a Christian Track and a True Full Christian Program

The Difference between a Christian Track and a True Full Christian Program
August 13, 2015 Lighthouse Network


When you are choosing an addiction treatment rehab program, research shows a faith-based Christian program is more successful than a traditional program. But when looking for a Christian program, be aware that not all Christian programs are the same. While many treatment programs claim to be Christian, if the rehab simply states ‘Christian Track,’ it might not be providing the level of Christ-centered Bible-based programming you desire or need to renew your mind and transform your life. A truly intensive Christian program, like the one offered at Lighthouse Network, gives you the best chance to turn your life around and will be fully focused on the healed mind and new life you can achieve only through Jesus Christ.

There are several key differences between a Christian track and a full Christian program:

Amount of Treatment Programming:  The amount of Christian therapeutic programming offered by the rehab is vital. A Christian track can have anywhere from just one Sunday service a week to a couple of hours a day of Christian programming.  A Christian program, on the other hand, will offer anywhere from 5-6 hours of significant Christian elements per day in a medical rehab to 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a non-medical Christian discipleship program. While someone who participates in a Christian track will hear God’s word occasionally, someone in a Christian program like a Lighthouse Christian Program will be immersed in Bible study, prayer, and regular infusion of God’s truth and instruction in the group and individual therapies to facilitate the transformation process.

Staff: A Christian track will have Christians teaching the elements that are Christian, but will have non-Christians leading the other therapeutic groups, individual therapy, and ancillary activities. A Christian program will have Christians leading all of the individual and group therapies as well as the various ancillary and supportive activities. Patients don’t have to worry about whether the instruction or information from non-Christian staff will contradict the Bible or their faith. A fully Christian staff maximizes the prayer, support, help, hope, encouragement, godly role modeling, and Bible instruction you will receive.

Consistency of Content. In a Christian track, the Christian group and activity content will be Bible-based and Christ-centered. But the other groups the rest of the day and week will be led by non-Christians and will have non-Christian content and possibly have content or presenters that are antagonistic to Biblical principles. In all the groups, activities, and therapies of the Christian program, the content will be very consistent and resonate powerfully because they will all be Bible-based and Christ-focused, while integrating sound psychological principles with what the Bible teaches.

Integration of Christian Programming with Psychological Principles. A Christian track will be less skilled at integrating the Christian principles with the psychological principles to maximize the holistic or true BioPsychoSpiritual approach. The Christian program, on the other hand, will integrate sound psychological principles as well as the detox and medication management treatments with what the Bible teaches. This offers a powerful holistic or true Bible-based BioPsychoSpiritual approach.

Keeping the Focus on Jesus and the Bible. In order to not get carsick or to avoid getting sick when spinning on a ride or as a dancer, you must keep your eyes focused on a fixed, stable, grounded point. This is why the driver of a car never gets carsick. His gaze is fixed on the road. A Christian track will have programming that is not Christ-centered, so the possibility of losing your focus and getting dizzy and off track has a higher probability of occurring. The Christian program, with its more rigorous Christian daily training, will push you to stay focused on Jesus and give you minimal opportunity to have your gaze distracted to the wavering ways of the world. You won’t get dizzy or sick, in fact you will feel steady, balanced, and at peace.

Don’t settle for a program that offers occasional exposure to God’s word. Trust a full Christian program that will allow for real growth and transformation, as you learn God’s will for your recovery, and focus on how He will give you the power to make a real and lasting change in your life.  Contact the Care Guides at Lighthouse Network at 844-Life-Change (844-543-3242) to learn more about the benefits of a Christ-centered rehab program.

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