Types of treatment methods involved to deal with schizophrenia symptoms

Types of treatment methods involved to deal with schizophrenia symptoms
August 11, 2021 Lighthouse Network

Schizophrenia is one of those chronic illnesses that can affect a lot of things going on in your life. The disease can affect relationships, emotions, the ability to think clearly, etc. Since this problem has no permanent solution or cure, various centres are designed to look after patients facing psychological issues. With technological advancement, one can even consider schizophrenia residential treatment for your loved one. If you want to figure out the types of treatments available, we suggest you have a look below.


The person dealing with this type of chronic illness needs antipsychotic medicines to deal with the symptoms. These medications help the patient cope with the stress and manage those symptoms to follow an everyday life. These medications enable you to control the symptoms by changing the way your brain is processing the chemical known as dopamine. It is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate the mood and response to pain in the human body.


If you wish to keep your loved one closer during this time, Schizophrenia residential treatment can help you manage the symptoms from the disease at home. It is one of the best long-term cares that you can opt for a patient dealing with a problem that has no cure. The process starts with the interaction of the treatment experts with the family and whether it is a safe place for the patient. The method further narrows down to family support, therapies and medications.

Electroconvulsive therapy

The procedure includes connecting the electrodes to the scalp of the patient to generate minor electric shocks. The process is followed only after giving general anaesthesia to the patient. One course of this treatment involves 2-3 sessions per week a few times. Every session causes the brain to go through a controlled seizure. There is no proof that the treatment will work on each patient going through the same problem, but it has been stated to work on a few of them.

Rehabilitation centres

If you think that the home environment may not be a good idea for the patients or the symptoms are getting out of control, you can always check the availability of help and rehabilitation centres near you. There will be caretakers and therapists who will ease the building of symptoms throughout the years. They may focus on individual therapy, medications, job counselling, problem-solving support, and how to manage money.

As there is no cure to the psychological disease, the only way to help a patient is by easing up the symptoms and helping them suppress what they feel with the help of powerful medications. All of the treatments mentioned above ease the symptoms and help the patient adapt to a familiar environment. If you choose home care methods for the patient, it is always suggested to keep someone full-time to help them. The patient needs to have someone around, especially during the initial days when symptoms start to show up, and no one knows how to take care of them.

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