Facts About Medicaid for Inpatient Rehab You Didn’t Know about

Facts About Medicaid for Inpatient Rehab You Didn’t Know about
September 14, 2021 Lighthouse Network


Making the decision to avail of treatment facilities or convincing a loved one to get help in case of a mental disorder or substance abuse disorder is an arduous task that causes one to become anxious and fearful. This happens even before you set out upon the confounding task of choosing the best treatment option and plan. Then one is posed with questions regarding the modes of payment for treatment and the questions whether health insurance will cover the costs and what happens if one doesn’t possess health insurance.

While on average, programs can range between $10,000 to $21 000, these high costs can be very disheartening. The inability to get the treatment one requires or being witness to the continued suffering of a loved one due to paucity of funds to pay for the required care, can be calamitous. But the good news is that with the passage of the Affordable Care Act all health insurance plans are made to cover mental health and substance disorder services for the first time in history. Still better news is that the ACA has expanded medical aid to include millions of more Americans. If one’s loved one was unable to afford health insurance in the past, joining the program is the means to receive all the help one requires.

Medical Aid – Its Definition

Medical aid is a government-sponsored program that helps millions of Americans foot their healthcare bills. Families including children, pregnant women, childless adults, seniors, and people with disabilities qualify for medical aid. Other factors that determine one’s eligibility are the number of members in one’s household, income, age, disability, etc. One can enroll at any time of the year, unlike other health care coverage, since there is no fixed enrollment period.

Very recently, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act passed and extended the coverage for Behavioral health services to include beneficiaries participating in managed care organizations, state alternative benefit plans and the CHIP. It provides comprehensive information about its behavioral health services coverage for children, and the youth, and people suffering from substance abuse disorders.

Rehabs That Accept Medicaid:

Periodically, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) intermittently releases Information Bulletins on effective practices for treating substance abuse disorders. The following are two examples:

Rehabs that accept Medicaid for substance use disorders

Delivery opportunities for individuals with a substance use disorder

Ways To Get Substance Abuse Treatment for Your Child

Behavioral health services and substance abuse coverage for children are provided by inpatient rehab that accepts medicaid and CHIP. The extent of this coverage is explained in information bulletins that have been released. Informational Bulletins that illustrate the scope of this coverage is listed below:

  • Coverage of Behavioral Health Services for Youth with Substance Use Disorders
  • Dept. of Health and Human Services’ Federal Guidance Policy Letter on Trauma Screening

Does One Qualify If One Has More Income?

One can find an inpatient rehab that accepts medicaid using the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Treatment locator. Information regarding the different kinds of insurance that each facility takes is listed here. Suppose one or one’s dear ones are below the age of 21 years and over 65 years, disabled, blind, or part of a family, wherein one or both parents are absent, have expired, or face unemployment, one qualifies for medical aid. In case your income averages above the stipulated income that qualifies for medical aid, you should reduce your expenditure to qualify for medical aid. The New York state education department explains that if someone has income beyond the parameters that qualifies for Medicaid, they will be able to get coverage through the program when they expend the surplus income on healthcare bills.

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