This Independence Day, Freedom from Addiction is Within Reach Through Lighthouse Network

This Independence Day, Freedom from Addiction is Within Reach Through Lighthouse Network
July 2, 2012 Lighthouse Network

Lighthouse Network Offers Christian Addiction Treatment Based on Best Practice Research

PHILADELPHIA – Many addiction patients feel that substance abuse will forever be part of their lives, and it’s not hard to understand why. A recent study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University found that while seven in ten people with diseases like hypertension or major depression receive treatment, only one in ten addiction patients seek medical help for themselves or because a loved one has sought help for them. Of the addicts that receive treatment, most are not receiving treatment based on the best available research.

Lighthouse Network, the premiere Christian addiction and mental health referral service featuring a free 24-hour addiction and counseling helpline, offers addicts a better solution. Lighthouse Network guides those struggling through life’s storms by providing high-quality recommendations to the best possible treatment program or doctor to help each individual who calls, or by providing loved ones with steps or resources to get help for the addict in their life. Most importantly, Lighthouse Network operates from a Christian perspective, offering addicts a new way of life and new reasons for seeking or remaining in treatment.

Lighthouse Network states from experience that the patients they refer for treatment  embrace a Christian element in their healing and often achieve sobriety and freedom from addiction when they previously has resigned themselves to thinking that they would live as life-long addicts. These patients remain substance-free for longer than those who refuse to answer Jesus Christ.

“The main components many addicts and treatment facilities remove from recovery are faith and spirituality,” said Dr. Karl Benzio, Founder and Executive Director of Lighthouse Network. “God, the Bible, forgiveness, grace, and love have been left out of the addiction treatment in many cases and all are proven ways to renew the heart and mind and create lasting change. By referring patients to treatment services that include these faith-based components, and helping them find such services that are actually covered by major insurance carriers, we help parents, spouses, and children struggling with addictions achieve lasting, life-long success over substance abuse.”

In essence, Lighthouse Network is offering what the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University study proves many treatment programs do not offer: addiction treatment based on best practices – which in Lighthouse Network’s experience includes Christianity.

To help those that truly struggle with such addictions, or with other mental health issues, Lighthouse Network offers the free, 24-hour Lighthouse Network Addiction and Counseling Helpline toll-free at (844) 543-3242. Lighthouse Network works to guide struggling people through storms to find peace and find answers for people who have a hard time defining their particular problem or have difficulty finding the right answers from other often-confusing sources. Lighthouse Network finds life-changing treatment for callers that altogether addresses spirit, mind and body, concerning addiction or psychiatric issues. Many have expressed relief to finally find Lighthouse Network so that help and healing may begin.

Lighthouse Network recently unveiled its new web site at, where those struggling can find help for their addiction problems, or family members can find help for a loved one. The new website has more online help for those struggling with alcohol, addictions, and other mental health or life management issues for those who want to improve and grow in their personal development.

Through the new site, Lighthouse Network offers several resources for those struggling with addiction, as well as for their families, including Stepping Stones, a free daily devotional for managing life’s stressors and storms and equipping readers with healthy decision-making skills. Visit to read the devotionals and sign up to receive them daily via email.

For more information on Lighthouse Network, visit or call the Lighthouse Network Addiction and Counseling Helpline toll-free at (844) 543-3242.

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