Tune In Tomorrow!

Tune In Tomorrow!
October 11, 2012 Lighthouse Network

Karl Benzio Interviews
with KKVI-FM
Thursday, October 4th at 9:00-9:05 am EDT

Karl Benzio Interview:

Station:    KKVI-FM 89.9 and 95.9

Market:    National

Date:    Thursday, October 4th

Time:    9:00-9:05 am EDT

Topic:    The potential consequences of New York public schools providing free Plan B (morning after) pills to young teens without parental consent

Host:    Valder Beebe

Program:    The Valder Beebe Show

The Valder Beebe Show is an online weekly radio program that deals with various issues including spirituality, personal and business success, women’s health, business, finance, healthy food, fitness, politics, our environment, books, authors, relationships, family, life challenges and success. The show can be heard on KKVI-FM, and via streaming Internet Radio on Sundays at 6 AM Pacific Time, 9 AM Central Time at www.rhythmflowradio.net . It is also available via podcast on the program’s website.

Tune in to KKVI-FM in Garland, Texas or listen online

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