Addicts Need the Gift of Recovery this Holiday Season

Addicts Need the Gift of Recovery this Holiday Season
November 26, 2012 Lighthouse Network

Twenty-Three Million Americans are Addicted to Alcohol and Marijuana; Lighthouse Network Can Help Them Find Lasting Recovery

Key Facts:

According to a recent study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 23 million Americans are addicted to alcohol or marijuana, while only 2.6 million – or one percent – received treatment for their problem.
The holidays and New Year’s resolutions are a time when guards are dropped and addicts re more open to take steps toward recovery while loved ones are near and can offer love, care, and help find options.
Lighthouse Network, the country’s premier, Christian addiction and mental health helpline provider, offers addicts and those that struggle psychologically a path to lasting hope and recovery through Jesus Christ, by finding them sound treatment options.
PHILADELPHIA – The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently found that approximately 23 million Americans struggle with some form of addiction, but only one percent – or 2.6 million people – receive the help they need to come clean and recover from their addiction. It’s a number that must change, for the health of the addicts and for the health of our society.

The holiday season often provides impetus for people to make healthy changes as many reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. Sometimes a life-change is inevitable. Lighthouse Network, the country’s premier, Christian addiction and mental health helpline provider, can help addicts receive the gift of long-term recovery through the healing power of Jesus Christ.

“So many people see alcohol or drugs as a solution to problems, but substance use only worsens problems. Holidays, although difficult for many, also allows connecting with family, experiencing love, and thinking about a new start for the New Year. For many addicts, this can be a rare window of opportunity when they are open to treatment, but many don’t pick up on the cue or don’t know how to find the right treatment options,” said Dr. Karl Benzio, Founder and Executive Director of Lighthouse Network. “At Lighthouse, we strive to show people that the God who created them has a purpose for their life that cannot be fulfilled when drugs or alcohol clouds their mind. But the same God who created them can provide healing, joy, and peace, no matter how big or difficult a person’s problems seem. By uniquely combining the power of Jesus Christ with the traditional addiction treatment modalities available to us as clinicians, we are able take advantage of this window of opportunity, to help patients achieve lasting recovery. Giving the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, as a way to attain addiction recovery is an amazing ministry God has blessed us to carry out.”

Lighthouse Network advocates for the inclusion of God in addiction treatment, recognizing that only by surrendering one’s problems and issues to Jesus Christ can complete and lasting transformation occur. By integrating God and His promises and laws into the most current medical and psychological treatment modalities, Lighthouse Network patients and their loved ones are able to find hope as they work to overcome their struggles.

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