You Can’t Find Peace in a Bottle, Credit Card or Party at Christmas

You Can’t Find Peace in a Bottle, Credit Card or Party at Christmas
December 17, 2012 Lighthouse Network

Lighthouse Network Points the Hurting to the Manger to Find Hope, Help, and Healing at the Holidays and Year-Round

Key Facts:

Out-of-control gift giving, endless expectations, and general stress can make the holiday season joyless for many; for those with mental health struggles or addiction, the pain of added stress can be overwhelming and lead to relapses in their conditions.
Christians and non-Christians alike often lose focus of the true meaning of the season and focus instead on misplaced dependencies or unrealistic goals and aspirations.
Lighthouse Network, a Christian addiction and mental health helpline provider, reminds patients, loved ones, and the surrounding community that during the greatest struggles and stress, faith in God and applying His instructions can bring healing and peace.
PHILADELPHIA – Endless demands on time and pocketbooks often accompany the Christmas season, driving even the most committed Christian to a place of frustration and resentment – the opposite of what the holiday season is supposed to mean. For those battling addiction or struggling with mental health challenges, the holiday season can bring an even greater sense of pressure, loss, isolation, or loneliness that causes exacerbated or relapsed addictions or issues. At the holidays, many people ask themselves “why do I feel overwhelmed, depressed and stressed when I should feel peaceful, joyful and loving?”

The mental health professionals at Lighthouse Network can help answer that question and point the hurting toward lasting help and healing through faith in Jesus Christ coupled with traditional therapy and treatment modalities. Research has proven time and time again the positive benefits that faith has on all types of health, including mental health. In a study of substance abuse patients published by the Journal of Substance Abuse, it was shown that recovering addicts have a higher rate of spiritual observance and faith than those still suffering. These recovering addicts also reported a more optimistic life orientation, greater perceived social support, higher resilience to stress, and lower levels of anxiety.

“At Christmastime as with many holidays, it’s very easy for those struggling with anxiety, addiction and poor coping skills to turn to the wrong solutions to just ‘make it through’ until the holiday is over. They end up missing the most meaningful moments and also miss opportunities to celebrate the real love they have for family and friends.  They bury themselves in immediate gratification to cover up their feelings and oftentimes this comes in the form of alcohol or other substances, excessive eating, over-spending, numerous parties and other destructive behavior that lasts far longer than the situation they are trying to escape. When this behavior becomes so prevalent that it is the controlling mechanism in one’s life, help is needed. God often gives His greatest gifts to His people in the midst of great adversity or chaos,” said Dr. Karl Benzio, psychiatrist, founder and executive director of Lighthouse Network. “When we work with struggling patients and families, we pray with them and point them to the One that heals all pain along with integrating Biblical truths and instructions into traditional treatments. The real celebration of Christmas is the birth of Christ who came into this world to forgive our sins and bring us everlasting life.  It is only in Him that true peace, joy and love will ever be found. ”

Lighthouse Network offers a variety of resources to help the hurting and addicted, as well as those who love them. The organization’s free, 24-hour Lighthouse Network Addiction and Counseling Helpline at (844) 543-3242 offers personal guidance to resources, therapy, or treatment facilities that best meet the needs of each unique caller based on their individual situations. Care Guides will link patients or loved ones to a counseling, addiction, or psychiatric care facility through Lighthouse Network’s national database of treatment centers, counselors, and therapists.  They successfully manage complicated cases, especially of acute addiction, and provide help from a holistic (spirit, mind, and body) perspective, based on biblical principles.

In addition to its uniquely personalized helpline, Lighthouse Network also provides a variety of web-based resources. Stepping Stones is a free, daily devotional for managing life’s stressors and storms and equipping readers with healthy decision-making skills. Not Alone radio short features help parents or grandparents of addicts cope with their situation and help their loved one. Visit to read the devotionals and sign up to receive them daily via email. To listen to the radio short features, visit For more information on Lighthouse Network, visit or call the Lighthouse Network Addiction and Counseling Helpline toll-free at (844) 543-3242.

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