God’s Great Puzzle

God’s Great Puzzle
June 7, 2013 Lighthouse Network

June 7, 2013
Transformational Thought

I have lots of patience for certain activities, but I get really antsy pretty quickly with and some others – like shopping (while living with 4 women). One thing I do love is board games, and our family always gets excited about them. We could play games ‘til the cows come home, because it’s created a lot of fond memories for all of us. One of the great elements of board games and cards is the competitive aspect. Everyone in my family is competitive, so we go at it until all hours of the morning.

Another activity I really enjoy is puzzles, even though they’re non-competitive. I’m not sure why, but I love the challenge of hard puzzles. So, over Christmas break, or during a long family vacation at the beach, we break out some tough puzzles. Each of us has a special area to attack. Then it all builds ‘til we get to that last piece. We usually let the youngest one have the honors of bringing it all together.

Nothing is so disappointing as discovering that the last piece is lost. The 2500 piece puzzle looks broken without it. It’s incomplete. The whole message isn’t there. The ultimate pinnacle is not reached … the beauty of the puzzle is diminished. Wow, isn’t it the same with God and his Word?

Like a puzzle, the body of Christ consists of many pieces or parts, which together make a complete picture. God has equipped each believer with particular gifts needed to do what God has called him or her to do. When that person is missing or not able to carry out his role, an important part of God’s plan is missing. The picture is incomplete. Not only does that person miss out on being part of God’s great puzzle, but all the other pieces are affected too. They won’t connect as a whole.

God has a perfect plan for His body of believers … including you! Like the pieces of a puzzle, each one of us has a specific place and a specific task to fulfill. When every piece is in its God-designed place, the picture is perfect. But when just one piece is missing, the body is incomplete and Satan gains.

So, when you see others struggling, realize that you are hurt when they aren’t able to fulfill their roles. You are part of that incomplete mosaic of believers. Look to help those who struggle, not only because God calls you to “care for the least of these,” but also because you will benefit from being part of a completed picture.

Today, take ownership of your place in the puzzle. Are you a lost piece … one that dropped off the table? Are some of your edges worn down or jagged … not fitting smoothly into the other pieces? Ask for feedback today from two people who are close to you. How can you fit better into God’s puzzle? Your decisions can sabotage God’s perfect fit, so align your decisions with God’s ways. Stop working against God. Working with your God-designed fit will lead to a pleasurable and easier life. When you see others struggle, think of what you can do to help them get on track. Our Helpline is designed find the right treatment for those with significant addiction issues. Playing your part in bringing the big puzzle together is your decision, so choose well.

Father God, Thank You for letting me know that I am an important part of Your Grand puzzle. And thank You, Father, for equipping each member of Christ’s body, the church, to do what You have called him or her to do. Help me to be aware and sensitive as You lead me to do my part. Instead of judging or ridiculing others who are struggling, help me to encourage and assist them in fulfilling what You have called them to do. I ask this in the name of the ultimate picture on the puzzle box, Jesus Christ; and all God’s children say – Amen!

The Truth
Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other. Romans 12:4-5

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