Prayer for Relapsed Addict

Prayer for Relapsed Addict
December 7, 2016 Prayer Wall

Jerod L. is a very sweet, intelligent man. He has a mother and father who have been through years of trials behind his addiction. He has a fiancé and 2 soon to be step children who just recently witnessed his relapse. In his relapse he stole the families vehicle and left on a 14 day binge. He is currently incarcerated. I believe in the power of prayer. I know what God can do. I know he will be free from his addiction. I’m asking all who can to touch and agree with me. I’m calling every prayer warrior to join in my fight to save this man I love. He’s been fighting for so long

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  1. Paul Vizer 6 years ago

    I Pray the Lord’s Prayer for Jerod L.

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