Three Reasons Why People Resist Treatment for Schizophrenia

Three Reasons Why People Resist Treatment for Schizophrenia
June 7, 2021 Lighthouse Network

Schizophrenia is chronic mental illness that directly impacts the person’s behaviour, cognitive abilities, and the ability to function normally. As soon as one observes the symptoms it is important seek the latest treatment for schizophrenia in order to control the symptoms. It is a serious mental disorder that leads to people interpreting reality in abnormal ways. Schizophrenia patients go through hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking and behaviour.

Schizophrenia patients require lifelong treatments and early diagnosis for the latest treatment for schizophrenia can control the symptoms to reduce the complications that are serious with the disorder.

Reasons People Resist Treatment for Schizophrenia

There are several stigmas attached to mental health disorders that makes it difficult for people to talk about it openly. Half the people resist believing that they are suffering from any mental disorder and once they realize this, the societal norms push them back to come out and seek help. They find it hard to confide into someone thinking people will not understand them completely. Let us have a look at the reasons why people suffering from schizophrenia resist treatment.

There is a Lack of Insight

The most common reason why people dealing with mental disorder resist treatment is the lack of insight into their illness. They suffer from anosognosia, that is a situation where they fail to understand that they are sick and need medical treatment. This problem stems in the brain that convinces the patients that they do not require medicines and treatment as they are absolutely fine.

While trying to convince them, they might get frustrated and angry at you. In such a situation one should be highly supportive to their loved ones.

Unpleasant Side Effects

While the medicines given to treat psychosis works to reduce and control the symptoms of schizophrenia, they also come with a number of side effects on the patient. These side effects include weight gain, menstrual problems, stiffness in muscles, and restlessness. At times patients are afraid of these side effects and as a result they stop taking medicines and resist the treatment of schizophrenia.

In such a situation, you must try to find a treatment that includes the least number of side effects and make the patients understand the importance of the treatment and quality life that follows after.

The Fear of Stigma Around Mental Health

We all are aware of the stigma that surrounds mental health and disorders related to it. Half of the people suffering from psychosis resist treatment to prevent discrimination and judgemental attitude of society and friends. But it is quite important to not let the stigma and fear of psychosis resist treatment of patient suffering from the disorder.

To help your loved ones in such a situation you can take help from support groups available. They make sure they do not feel isolated and motivate them towards the treatment of the disorder.

Initially, it can be frustrating for you to deal with your loved ones suffering from schizophrenia when they start resisting treatment. All you need to do is provide them complete support and seek the right kind of treatment and support company for the patient to recover well.

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