Schizophrenia and its Treatment

Schizophrenia and its Treatment
September 14, 2021 Lighthouse Network

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that takes place in the cells located deep within brains. It usually results in a combination of symptoms such as delusions, very disillusioned thinking and behavior, and delusions that hamper daily routines. Although the exact cause is still not known, the good news is that most symptoms can be successful treated at reputed schizophrenia treatment facilities in America.

Scientists are trying to dig out more and more information about this disorder through research, which has already led to certain innovative forms of treatment. The study of genetics and advanced brain mapping at schizophrenia treatment facilities help gain more insights.


The complex nature of schizophrenia could be the reason for several misconceptions about it. Here is a look at some of these:

  • Split Personality– People diagnosed with this disease do not have multiple or split personalities. Most of them are not more violent or dangerous than the general population.
  • Always Homeless– Although there are chances that limited mental health sources could cause certain schizophrenics to become homeless or be hospitalized frequently, it isn’t the norm. A large number of them stay with their families or in group homes. In fact, they will be able to recover fast if they get support from their families and close ones.

Effects on Males and Females

Research states that schizophrenia affects both males and females in the same ways. However, earlier onsets have been in males across many cases. Facilities across the US aim to improve the quality of treatment and help patients lead better lives. Over the years it has been observed that schizophrenics may die younger than the general population due to co-occurring conditions like diabetes and heart diseases.

Living with Schizophrenia

Irrespective of medical advancements, there is no doubt that this disease is difficult both for the patient and for loved ones around. It becomes quite difficult for patients to separate between reality and illusions. They find it extremely tough to trust their own thoughts and also find it difficult to keep jobs due to the symptoms. Unfortunately there are a lot of prejudices about this disease in the general public too, as it is believed that schizophrenics are crazy, disrespectful, lazy, and are possessed by demons. The amount of distress created by this image often leads to isolation and depression, both for patients and their families. What is further difficult to see is that many patients turn to drugs and alcohol to escape the disturbing symptoms.

Role of a Schizophrenia Treatment Facility

  • Administering Antipsychotic Medications
  • Psychotherapies like Social Skills and Relationship, Assertiveness, and Testing Reality
  • Exercising and Proper Sleep
  • Helping Build a Relationship with God
  • Family Education

As is visible, only medication is never enough for treating most schizophrenia patients. A large number of them are unwilling to take treatment as they think their perceptions of threat are real. Even though this is a disease of the mind, it does not mean an affected person cannot have clear thoughts. Proper treatment and family support hold the keys to recovery.

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