May 17, 2013 Lighthouse Network

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Dr. Karl Benzio, Founder and Director of Lighthouse Network, Reflects on Recent Christian Medical Association Meeting

I just got home from the Christian Medical and Dental Association meetings near Asheville, NC. Martine and I were exhibitors and I presented two workshops at the event. The first was on Addictions with the goal of equipping physicians to recognize it and access treatment options easier. The second was on Burnout and how physicians have the highest burnout rate of any American worker. I discussed how our role as physicians is often intoxicating and we start looking at our role as physician to meet our needs instead of looking to God. Blended with the life and death pressure of the decisions a doctor is called to make and the crazy healthcare system we work in, Burnout is experienced by over 50% of physicians.

The sessions were well attended and the feedback and discussions of the sessions revealed the impact and timeliness of the topics and many lives were moved.

Two highlights:
Great time away alone with Martine as we road-tripped to NC,
We had a wonderful dinner with Luis Palau, the Billy Graham of Latin America and a special teacher and man. He was the main speaker each day and Sunday morning and his humorous and straightforward discussion of Jesus Christ was uplifting and encouraging for us. At dinner, we discussed many topics he was interested to hear a Christian psychiatrists opinion about, especially homosexuality as he gets many questions especially on his Spanish radio program about it. Luis also is planning a mega Crusade/Festival in NYC in the next year or two and we are discussing Lighthouse Network’s role to help the many people saved there get Christian help and treatment for their addiction or mental health issue. Please keep this amazing event in prayer.
At the conference we also met such dedicated Christian Doctors who are so eager to serve Jesus through their practice and missions trips. One doctor let us know he gets Stepping Stones the past couple years and feels it is the most practical devotional available. Another doctor thanked us for getting her brother into a Christian Rehab and he is doing great since then. God is so good to bring new Christian brothers and sisters into our life, as well as hearing many inspiring stories to keep us energized to serve Him out of gratitude and joy and not out of duty and obligation.

Thank you for your ongoing support,
Dr. Karl Benzio

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