New and Improved Lighthouse Network Radio Feature Debuts Today

New and Improved Lighthouse Network Radio Feature Debuts Today
June 2, 2014 Lighthouse Network

‘Life Change with Dr. Karl,’ Airing on Nearly 425 Stations, Gives Insight into Mental Health Issues and Ways to Help Those Struggling

Philadelphia, PA—A new and improved one-minute daily radio feature from Lighthouse Network ( will debut today on approximately 425 radio stations across the country, including 200 stations in the American Family Radio Network.

The feature from Dr. Karl Benzio, founder, executive director and a psychiatrist at the Lighthouse Network, an addiction and mental health counseling helpline, will share insights on various mental health issues that top the mind for many today.

“We’re looking forward to reaching possibly millions of listeners with our retooled and better daily radio feature,” Benzio said. “Our goal every day is to help those who are dealing with the storms of life. It’s our mission, and we take that mission very seriously. Mental struggles are so prevalent in our society, from children and young adults to mothers, fathers and the aged. We want to shine a light into their lives, as well as into the lives of their friends and family who want to offer help but may not know how.”

For more information on the program, “Life Change with Dr. Karl,” visit

Lighthouse Network works to guide struggling people through storms to achieve peace and find answers for those who have a hard time defining their problems. Lighthouse Network also offers the free, 24-hour Lighthouse Life Change Helpline toll-free at 1-844-LIFE-CHANGE (1-844-543-3242).

Lighthouse Network’s web site,, provides information to those struggling to find help for their addiction problems, as well as to family members searching for help for a loved one. Topics addressed include alcohol abuse, addictions, and other mental health or life management issues.

Lighthouse Network offers several resources for those struggling with addiction and their families, such as Stepping Stones, a free daily devotional for managing life’s stressors and storms and equipping readers with healthy decision-making skills. Visit to read the devotionals and sign up to receive them daily via email.

For more information on Lighthouse Network, visit or call the Lighthouse Life Change Helpline toll-free at 1-844-LIFE-CHANGE (1-844-543-3242).
To schedule interviews with Dr. Karl Benzio at Lighthouse Network, contact Deborah Hamilton at, 215-815-7716 or 610-584-1096.

Lighthouse Network is a Christian-based, non-profit organization that offers an addiction and mental health counseling helpline providing treatment options and resources to equip people and organizations with the skills necessary to shine God’s glory to the world, stand strong on a solid foundation in the storms of their own lives, and provide guidance and safety to others experiencing stormy times, thus impacting their lives, their families and the world.

Dr. Karl Benzio, M.D. is the founder and executive director of Lighthouse Network. With a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering, Benzio went on to medical school and then specialized in psychiatry. His experiences include teaching pastors, ministry leaders and students counseling and conflict resolution skills in Uganda and Kenya; leading a behavioral health team into post-Hussein Iraq to equip health care specialists with treatment and assessment skills and successfully testifying for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives opposing legislation for Plan B contraception administration and for President George Bush’s Council on Bioethics regarding Right of Conscience. His specialties include Adolescents, Addictions, Decision-Making, Infusing Spirituality into Practical Treatment Modalities and the Ramifications of Decision-Making on Social Policy.

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