Startling Suicide Epidemic Facts

Startling Suicide Epidemic Facts
September 22, 2014 Lighthouse Network





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Suicide: The Shocking Facts

Startling suicide epidemic facts: 

  • 39,518 people died of suicide in 2011 (most recent available stats; stats are for the U.S.).
  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America.
  • Suicide is under-reported, and therefore is 6 to 12 times more likely, due to the following factors: mistaken reporting by the coroner due to stigma, uncertainty of whether accidents and overdoses were intentional unintentional, questions about life insurance policies that may not cover suicide, and family embarrassment.
  • Many suicides are due to people giving up and stopping their heart medications or other life-sustaining treatments because they want to die. The cause of death for these “passive suicides” is reported as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • 360,000 suicides may have occurred when using the midpoint of 9-times under-reporting estimate, making suicide easily the SECOND LEADING CAUSE of death behind heart disease.
  • A completed suicide occurs every 90 seconds.

The country observes the second week of September as Suicide Prevention Week, and September is National Recovery Month. Unfortunately, addictions are often part of the recipe leading to suicide. Robin Williams’ tragic death has shocked and saddened many. But hopefully we can perform an autopsy on the legendary comedic actor to learn some practical application points to prevent future permanent and disastrous actions.

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Why Life Change Experience?

You probably noticed our eNewsletter’s new name: Life Change Experience. Why did we select this name? Because it speaks to us in four ways:

  1. It’s a call to action to go and experience a life change!
  2. It’s a reminder that life change will always be viewed through our experience.
  3. It’s the truth that true life change with Christ will impact every aspect of our lives – becoming a fully engulfing experience.
  4. It’s an encouragement to share our experiences or stories of life change with others.

We hope you’ll benefit from the news and resources in the Life Change Experience – so you can truly experience life change!

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Program: Focus on the Family: Boundless

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People-Pleasing and Assertiveness


License to Parent with Trace Embry

“The Effects of Legalized Marijuana on Our Kids”

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Christian Medical and Dental Association’s “The Point”

“Recognizing and Relating to a Patient’s Emotions”

“Study: Smartphones Stunting Students’ Social Skills”

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Lighthouse Network Radio Feature:


“Life Change with Dr. Karl

Lighthouse Network is sharing its newest, life-changing radio features with the purpose of bringing scientific expertise and Biblical principles together to examine some common daily struggles to help people successfully navigate life’s obstacles and enjoy fulfilled lives. Lighthouse Network’s “Life Change with Dr. Karl” radio feature airs Monday through Friday on more than 425 radio stations nationwide.

Listen to “Life Change with Dr. Karl” from August 25: Emotional Control or Choking

Listen to “Life Change with Dr. Karl” from August 26: Soothing the Bible Brings

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Listen to “Life Change with Dr. Karl” from August 28: A Tiger or a Man

Listen to “Life Change with Dr. Karl” from August 29: Motivating Good Decisions

We want your input!

Which question would you like answered or what issue would you like addressed in the Life Change radio program? We’ve had a great response from our 425 radio stations airing “Life Change with Dr. Karl,” and we want to make sure we are providing information that is practical and useful to you! Is there a list of tips or other issue you would like to hear Dr. Karl address? Please let us know by emailing us at

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Lighthouse Network’s Karl Benzio, M.D., Writes for The Christian Post

Exciting news! Check out Dr. Karl Benzio’s recently published articles on

The Christian Post:

Lighthouse Network’s Karl Benzio, M.D.,

Also Writes for Charisma News

Enjoy reading Dr. Karl Benzio’s published articles on Charisma News from August and September:

Truth For Women Mentor TrainingSeptember 27 | Bethlehem, PAThis event will train ladies who mentor other women who are struggling. They will be trained in counseling and in teaching decision-making skills using the SPEARS decision-making model.Moments of Change 2014 Addictions ConferenceSeptember 29-October 2 | Palm Beach, FLDr. Karl Benzio, MD will present on “Addiction: Sin, Disease, or Psychological Defect?” as well as his SPEARS decision-making model, which is key to real biological-psychological-spiritual treatment by integrating science and faith. He encourages people to practically apply the Bible in daily living to truly renew the mind. Focus on the Family Physicians Resource CouncilOctober 1-5 | Colorado Springs, CO

This is a meeting of Christian physicians who help guide and define Focus’ position on various medical and psychiatric/psychological issues which affect individuals, families, society and public policy.

All Access ARC Conference

November 4-6 | Saddleback Church, Orange County, CA

Dr. Benzio will equip church leaders with his insights in decision-making and using science to glean transformational truths out of the Bible for practical growth and maximum fulfillment.

National Association of Christian Social Workers National Conference

November 6-9 | Annapolis, MD

Lighthouse Network’s Dr. Karl Benzio will lead a workshop on how to be a shining light through godly decision-making skills as he teaches his unique bio-psycho-spiritual model which actually rewires your brain circuits, thus renewing your mind as Romans 12:1-2 clearly states.

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Lighthouse Network…

Proud Sponsor of Music Fest

The rainy weather did not dampen the spirits of attendees at this year’s Music Fest! Held on September 13, this event was a great day of fun, fellowship, great music, and inspirational stories of God’s grace transforming lives from addiction and despair to freedom and joy. Money was raised to help those needing treatment access services. Music Fest was organized by Bob Sofronski and his team at Christian Life Prison Recovery Ministries. To learn more about this event, click here to visit their website.

Resources from Lighthouse Network

Addiction: Sin, Disease, or Personal Defect?

Theologians, clinicians, researchers and philosophers have argued for centuries whether science blends with religion, spirituality and faith. Learn how God gave us science to validate the Bible’s accuracy in this DVD.

Depression: Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit

Depression is a debilitating disorder that affects people of all ages, races and income levels. This video walks through a Biblical perspective on depression and helps viewers develop skills to cope.

Shattered Silence
This documentary exposes the problem of mental health issues in America in an effort to open honest dialogue while presenting hopeful solutions to promote change.

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