Lighthouse Network wants to Shatter the Silence!

Lighthouse Network wants to Shatter the Silence!
October 25, 2012 Lighthouse Network

Suicide is on the rise for teens over the last 5 years and the third leading cause of death for ages 15-24. Since suicide is drastically under-reported, suicide might even be 2nd or first on the list. Such a tragedy and suicide is preventable and easily treatable. But the stigma and Silence must be Shattered or more will die and the rate will steadily increase as our society becomes more stressed, fragmented, and individuals are less equipped to manage psychological difficulties.

Often, the hurt and pain inside evolve into many warning signs on the outside before a suicide occurs. Recognizing and bringing the hurts, losses, wounds, sorrows, anger, frustrations out of the dark in a constructive way is vital. Encouraging and soliciting dialogue is the first step in the process of understanding and healing, but most adults have a tough team getting teens to open up to them. At Lighthouse Network, we want to Shatter the Silence, and have teamed with Jack Morgan Productions to introduce Shattered Silence. Our goal is to create a setting which will allow a teen the safe and encouraging place to share and discuss their struggles and see that spiritual window of opportunity open, so we can introduce them to the truth and the ultimate and powerful healing only God can bring through His love for them.

Click here to watch a preview of “Shattered Silence”!

Shattered Silence is:

Powerful documentary that opens up and facilitates discussion of relevant issues our teens and young adults are struggling with. Bullying, addictions, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, cutting, suicide. Ideal for school assemblies, church youth groups, health class, clinical settings in rehab or inpatient or outpatient, support groups, home-school co-ops, college campus settings. Anywhere you have teens/young adults gathered to help them express, grow, find answers, or support each other.

Great to show to your own children to help get at some inner struggles and engage them in a deeper conversation about life, meaning, purpose, and truth.
40 minute Christian version.
32 minute Secular version.
A 90 minute film is in final production stages and will be playing on God TV in the next 4-6 weeks!

To order Shattered Silence: Click here

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